eCommerce Website Design

JV Digital offers a complete e-commerce website design and development service for all product types and budgets.

By designing the correct and most suitable e-commerce website and providing the correct complete solution your company will generate more sales online; our goal is to provide the best possible solution to ensure high levels of return on investment for our clients.

Our journey with you starts with understanding the persona of your business. Then we create a website that suits both you and your prospective clients.  We concentrate on making the user’s buying experience as smooth and easy as possible.

We then map out the entire journey from start to completion with real commercial focus of conversion, upsell and completion.
We assist you in measuring the performance of your website and continually assist in improving the user experience and help you change it as devices and your customers or your products evolve.

ecommerce website design
ecommerce website design

We are a web design agency that develops sites for local and international brands. All customers want convenience, RIGHT?

  • Is your website easy to navigate? 
  • Does the site load fast? 
  • Is it appealing to the eye? 

When more focus is placed on the needs of the customer, the potential for an increase in conversions and customer retention grows. JV Digital develops your site from scratch, or optimize your current website, making sure that the end user’s experience is the best it can possibly be.

The end goal is to ensure that YOUR PRODUCTS get SOLD.

Easy to Use
The JV Digital team offers various solutions for your e-commerce site, this includes easy-to-use shopping carts, well organized product catalogues, and an integrated, easy to use back-end system to effortlessly track your sales, update your catalogues and manage your stock levels, create discount coupons, manage customer accounts, and much more.

Website Security
For any successful eCommerce business, client trust is everything. When a customer is not 100% satisfied with your website’s service or purchasing capabilities, then you will almost always loose the sale and probably the client. At JV Digital we take security seriously and ensure the proper practices are put in place before launch. We always ensure that all our site builds have a valid SSL certificate that is best suited to the individual website.

WooCommerce Website Developer

Our eCommerce websites are built on WooCommerce (the e-commerce version of WordPress). This platform makes designing a unique ecommerce website and selling your products online extremely quick and easy. The WooCommerce platform offers:

  • Customizable Design: Create a completely unique custom front-end design to match your company’s brand and personality. We ensure your site is designed for the easiest navigation and your products are placed for the best sales opportunity.
  • Expandable & Customizable Features: The WooCommerce platform ca grow easily by adding products and pages. Thus allowing your website to grow as your business grows.
  • User Registration: Capture the user information you desire when your client registers on your site. You can use this information to keep in touch with your consumers. Use e-mail marketing and retargeting. 
  • Improved Browsing Options: It goes without saying -User friendly websites always improve sales numbers. Make use of advanced features such as multiple product images and zoom-in capabilities.
ecommerce website design
  • Easy Ordering Options: The back-end interface of the WooCommerce platform is simple to use. It enables you to edit, create, view, and fulfill orders from the admin interface. You can also view a full history of consumer transactions.
  • SEO Capabilities: WooCommerce offers a variety of great SEO tools to help optimize your products and overall website. 
  • Additional Features: Enjoy configurable promotions, superior website analytics and reports, online stock management, and customer wish lists. 

Once  your website is complete, our team will train you on how to make changes to your online store without the constant need of an on-site developer. We will  take you through a step by step lesson on easily updating your website. This will include adding more products, deleting older products, and creating special deals or promotions. You will also be able to track your sales from day one!

JV Digital has the expertise to design your eCommere website. We will ensure it is rooted in the best SEO practices, is mobile-responsive, and works as your greatest sales tool. Contact our team today to see how to get started.

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