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Digital Strategy

What is our approach to Digital Strategy

At JV Digital, we can create a tailored campaign for your project that will set it up for success. Beyond the offerings of a traditional media company, we will ensure your digital strategy complements your BRAND strategies and evolves your Business goals

All of our digital strategies and services are designed around specific goals and projects for our clients. Our campaigns can help you achieve success with three major sectors:

Digital Strategy

In the digitally connected world, growing and strategically strengthening your social media presence can make or break your business. Our team can work with you to:

    • Identify  digital media types necessary for your project
    • select targets for social and digital media campaigns
    • improve current social media performance
    • provide a content plan for your specific timeline
    • Recommend strategies and budgets for paid advertising
    • advise your marketing managers on the effective use of Email Marketing
    • Recommend the use of SMS marketing and Push notification to communicate with customers

JV Digital’s digital strategy planning will hone your brand’s personality and ensure that it resonates across today’s fast-changing media and business landscapes.

JV Digital Strategy

Campaign Execution and Management 

In addition to strategy development and planning, our team can

    • support newsletter management and list growth
    • create and send all content from your social media channels, including website, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others,
    • provide consistent updates, reports and analytics.

We will ensure you are control of the messages related to your project.

Graphic Design

Our team can design infographics, shareable insights and other media to tell your project’s story.

We will not only design creative media but memorable and shareable media that is tailored to reach your target audience.

Creativity has become one of the most powerful online tools, and our team can articulate your story in ways that persuade and move targeted audiences.

JV Digital Strategy

Innovative Digital Solutions

JV Digital is consistently seeking to innovate new ways that projects are implemented.

We can work with your project to develop technological tools that support the messages you’re trying to share.

Our team of strategists will work with you to help achieve your goals. Through our partnership with your Brand and Business, we can also build, develop and manage your goals.

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